Sebaceous Cysts & Folliculitis


Sebaceous Cysts & Folliculitis



Video Description

Is it an ingrown hair, is it a cyst, all I know is there is something there that wasn’t there before!  Sebaceous Cysts and Folliculitis are two very common conditions that we will see in the vaginal or vulvar region, but for many this is a very unnerving and alarming issue, that may have suddenly appeared and you would like to know a lot more about them, really quick!  Well, if you have been recently diagnosed, or you may think that you could possibly be dealing with one of these conditions, then this video is for you.  The video discusses exactly what are sebaceous cysts and folliculitis, common symptoms that you may see with these conditions, treatment options and as always prevention.  The video is presented in a fun, easy to understand way that gives the viewer a complete look into these very common conditions.  A must for those “cysters” out there!